Our quality charte

to remain faithful to the principles, Natus Marrakech is committed to establishing and upholding a quality charter:

  • Assurance of control and follow-up of all stages of product development.
  • The choice of vegetable oils having a natural affinity with the skin.
  • The using of a naturel preservatives.
  • Absence of ingredients suspected to be dangerous to health: Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, GMO, Phthalate, ethoxylate, paraffin or mineral oil from petrochemicals, pesticides.
  • Absence of animal components, no animal testing.
  • All Natus formulations are regulated for a Ph 5,5 that respects the natural barrier of the epidermis.
  • Aromatherapy and phytotherapy are the precious bases of formulation of Natus cosmetic care.

Our ingredients

Natus Marrakech has been able to highlight our rich and varied local ingredients, such as Safran, prickly pear, etc ... The essential oil of Argan is present in all our products.

The extraction (plants, flowers ...), drying (zest of citrus fruits, aromatic plants ...), and maceration (flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds ...) are done in our laboratory in Marrakech.

The major preoccupation of Natus Marrakech is to give the best of itself. It is essential that the imported ingredients needed to refine at best his compositions; Such as sweet almond oil, shea butter, clays etc ... are all certified.

The respect for the nature makes the brand image of Natus Marrakech. - Tel: +212 524 335 344 - 490 Zone Industrielle Sidi Ghanem Marrakech 40110 - Maroc
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