"I believe that each of us is able to express his inner beauty."
With this philosophy Natus Marrakech is more than a cosmetic brand, it is a living entity!
Natus Marrakech likes to take care of your body, your skin, your beauty.
Our cells are always in interaction with the outside world, perpetually adapting and listening to inspiration.
Natus Marrakech is a world that blends technology and scientific discoveries with
Knowledge and beauty rituals based on natural ingredients like argan oil,
Oil of fig prickly pear, honey, sweet almonds, ghassoul ...
We are still pursuing the stimulating energy and natural growth of the heart of Natus Marrakech.


Latest Releases

Therapy Soap

Therapy Soaps

New products

The latest novelty in the soap collection is the trio Soap Therapy
-"Ultra-moisturizing" soap based on shea butter and argan oil, intended for dry skin.
-"Oily and Acne Skin" Therapy Soap with Rosemary and Argan Oil.
-"Gentle Exfoliating" Therapy Soap based on argan oil and argan oil powder.

Gamme cheveux

Hair Range

New Range of products

Natus Marrakech thought of you and created a range of capillary products intended for damaged hair to give it more tone and shine.
Based on argan oil and essential oils, our novelty is made of a nutritious anti-falling oil, an ultra nourishing shampoo , a detangling conditioner and a banana mask, rich in protein, which softens and repairs the hair. To add shine and bright to your hair, we offer a serum based on rosemary and argan oil and a styling oil based on essential oil of tea tree and argan oil. Our hair range, for the well-being of our customers, has been enriched by a capillary duo with keratin, a sulphate-free shampoo for nourishing and restoring dry, damaged hair and a conditioner for more flexibility and softness.

Home fragrance

Winter in Marrakech

Nature in your home. Thanks to the fragrances it contains, Patchouli, Amber and Vanilla, the indoor perfume WINTER IN MARAKECH, diffuses freshness, cleanses and purifies your interiors.

Natus fragrant

The fragrant Natus is designed to release the fragrance easily.
The flower will absorb it and release it in the form of discrete breezes that will last the whole week, and refresh all your interior space. - Tel: +212 524 335 344- 490 Zone Industrielle Sidi Ghanem Marrakech 40110 - Maroc
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